Hawai’i Island Community Health Center Expands Street Medicine Outreach Program

The Hawai’i Island Community Health Center’s Street Medicine Outreach team is now conducting regular outreach in Hilo, Puna, Ocean View and in Kona.

The outreach team operates vehicles equipped with basic healthcare supplies, allowing medical providers to deliver primary care services directly to the streets, shelters and other locations where homeless individuals in need gather.

The program offers on-the-spot health assessments, referrals to services and resources, and care, checking for common health issues and providing immediate care for acute conditions. The team can provide basic medical procedures, wound care, medicine and vaccinations. For those who need additional care, this team is able to provide a telemedicine visit in the field via an iPad, and can also schedule same-day appointments for in-clinic visits.

The health center’s Substance Use Disorder program incorporates substance abuse assessments, harm reduction strategies, medication assisted treatment, and referrals to addiction treatment programs. NARCAN distribution and education is also part of these services to help lower opioid overdoses.

The Center’s Behavioral Health team provides individualized client care recognizing that interventions are not a one size fits all and adjusts their services to meet the specific needs of patients.

The Street Medicine Outreach team also assists individuals in accessing additional social services including housing resources and other support systems.

For more information visit www.HICommunityHealthCenter.org

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